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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  KGO  February 16, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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>> training. on another note, we do have proof this morning that everybody's on high alert over meteors. twitter and facebook exploding over this video from san francisco overnight. scientists quickly weighing in, saying this is a shooting star, not a meteor. meanwhile, though, our reporter has just arrived on the scene in that small russian city that was hit by a real meteorite. that report coming up. >> over 1,000 people injured there. they thought a plane had crashed. so many people nervous there. also, from shooting stars to hollywood stars. tom cruise is back in the headlines this morning. you'll recall that the actor sued a tabloid magazine over reports that he abandoned his daughter, suri, following his split from katie holmes. and it turns out, the tabloid isn't going down without a fight. now, a publisher is threatening to play hard ball by demanding very personal details from the hollywood megastar. >> the question is, will he cave? also this morning, a medical miracle straight out of science fiction. restoring a woman's sight using a bionic eye. it's an extraordinary story. that's coming up a little later in the broadcast.
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we're going to start with a little insult to injury in the weather department. one week after that paralyzing snowstorm in the northeast, more on the way. and abc news meteorologist, ginger zee, who also tracks john schriffen for us, is on the case this morning. ginger, what's going on? >> good morning. it's a relative dusting, compared to what happened last week. but it's going to hit some new areas. let's talk about the area of raleigh because they were prepping for the snow. if they get one to two inches, it's a big deal down there. so, parts of north carolina, south carolina, and virginia, today through early tomorrow, do expect one to three overall. and more like two to four in the mountainous regions. as the low tracks to the north, here's that insult to injury we were talking about, dan. from boston to portland, who got plenty of snow last weekend. about two to four inches. the cape, up through northern maine, four to eight. and even more in the far part of northern maine. behind it will be a whole lot of cold. yesterday, washington, d.c. was 60 degrees. by tomorrow morning, mid-20s. new york, same thing. buffalo will be 11. detroit, 14. look at atlanta this morning. they are already starting to see
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a little change. they may even see a few flakes of snow. nothing going to accumulate there. but watch how cold it gets here. subfreezing for atlanta the next two mornings. 25 and 30 respectively, sunday and monday. more coming up in the nation's weather. but now, back to you all. >> just when i thought i could put the winter coat back in the closet, i have to put it back on. all right. thanks. we're going to turn to overseas to new details about the double-amputee athlete they call blade runner, reportedly on suicide watch after being accused of killing his girlfriend. oscar pistorius burst into tears during a court appearance yesterday. quite a fall from grace for the athlete who just six months ago inspired the world with his performance at the summer olympics. abc's bazi kanani has the latest. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. police are still coming and going from the luxury estate where oscar pistorius' home is still an active crime scene. prosecutors say the evidence gathered so far, leads them to believe what happened here was murder.
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but pistorius' family says there's another explanation. the once-proud olympian, oscar pistorius, broke down at his first court appearance, weeping as the judge announced he would be charged with premeditated murder. local media quote police, saying his cover model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, was shot four times through a bathroom door, with a 9 millimeter pistol, recovered from pistorius' house on valentine's day. a major south african newspaper reports the first neighbor on the scene found pistorius trying to revive steenkamp with cpr. >> her future has been cut short. she's with the angels. >> reporter: prosecutors dismissed reports pistorius mistook his girlfriend for an intruder. in his defense, the pistorius family issued a statement, saying the alleged murder is disputed in the strongest terms. nicknamed the blade runner, he was the first double-amputee to compete at the olympics. an inspiration to many around
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the world. >> oscar pistorius is really flying here. >> reporter: friends say they believe the shooting must have been a horrific accident. ex-girlfriend jenna edkins tweets, i have dated oscar on and off for five years. not once has he ever lifted a finger to me, made me fear for my life. police had responded to disputes at the home before, but not saying if they involved steenkamp. a 29-year-old law school graduate, whose modeling career was taking off. steenkamp recently competed in a reality show. producers say it will launch as scheduled tonight, with a special tribute to the life of the young woman. >> this is the only time that you see the real reeva. she was kind and sweet. and she's so hard-working. they'll be able to see the girl that we loved. >> reporter: steenkamp's funeral will be held on tuesday, the same day oscar pistorius makes his next court appearance, when his attorneys will ask he be released on bail. bianna? >> all right, bazi. have to think about the poor
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woman's family, having to bury their own daughter. >> and probably more shoes to drop on that case. we'll continue to cover it. now, though, to the remote russian city hit by a meteorite. the video is extraordinary. i can't get tired of watching this. overnight, our reporter arrived on the scene. >> that's right. more than 1,000 people were injured from this event. and abc's kirit radia reports from the city of chelyabinsk. >> reporter: good morning, bianna and dan. as you can see, they're starting to patch up this soviet industrial city. when you talk to the residents here, they still can't believe they just got hit by a giant rock from space. the blast rocked this city. a giant meteor exploding in midair, knocking people to the ground and blowing out windows. in the streets, chaos. today, residents are still shocked. the destruction is everywhere. an estimated 4,000 buildings
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damaged. 1 million square feet of glass shattered. and over 1,200 people injured. according to nasa, this was the biggest meteor to hit earth in over a century. weighing more than the eiffel tower. today, the search is on to find fragments that hit the ground. divers explore this frozen lake where one of the bigger chunks is thought to left a big hole in the ice. but in the end, they came up empty-handed. the site is something of a tourist spot for locals, wanting to see it for themselves. i want to show you something. this is the reason that so many people got injured, the broken glass. many people went to the windows to check on the big flash in the sky. and when they got there, the blast blew the windows out and sent the glass flying. dan and bianna? >> extraordinary. kirit, thank you. and collectors are looking to buy remnants of that meteorite. we'll keep on this story, as well. moving on, now. a powerful, new entry in the debate over gun control
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in this country. the mother of hadiya pendleton, the 15-year-old honor student who was shot on the streets of chicago just days after performing at the president's inauguration, made this television ad. take a listen. >> a piece of my heart is gone. congress is debating how to fix our gun laws. they can start with background checks for all gun sales. tell congress to support common sense reforms so no more innocent children are killed. and no parent has to go through this heartbreak. >> this ad comes in the middle of president obama's push for tougher gun control legislation. abc's reena ninan is in washington this morning. reena, does the white house get a sense they're gaining traction on this issue, despite all of the opposition in congress? >> reporter: all the issues are pushing of all of them. they believe universal background checks might be the most likely to get pushed through in congress. there's still very much a tough, uphill battle. but what is helping the white house, unfortunately, are these sad, sad cases of these shootings. sandy hook. yesterday, we saw the president
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actually break down and cry as he was delivering some awards to people who were there, adults involved in this situation, with that shooting. so, universal background checks, dan, the most likely to see some action here in washington. >> on another note, we're hearing these reports overnight that a supposed insider is saying that he knows for sure that it's a done deal that hillary clinton is going to run for president. any truth to this at all? >> reporter: we are looking for any sort of tea leaves. meteorites hitting russia, anything that might suggest that hillary clinton is running. i think we're going to have a date every saturday to talk about this, dan. what's interesting, a source close to hillary says she is very seriously considering her options. and is interested in a potential run. what i am also hearing is they are looking to see who her republican challenger might be. someone like governor chris christie of new jersey might be a tougher candidate to try and defeat, dan. >> there's also reports that if john schriffen manages to score
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two baskets in the nba all-star game, she will definitely run. reena ninan, at the white house this morning. we appreciate it. thank you, reena. time to check the overnight headlines. for that, as always, ron claiborne. >> hey, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. we begin with new details on the final shoot-out between former l.a. cop christopher dorner and police in big bear, california. authorities getting a clearer picture of what went on in that cabin where dorner made his last stand. abc's john muller is here with the latest. john? >> reporter: ron, investigators were initially unsure how christopher dorner died. did he kill himself? was he killed by a deputy's bullet? or did he perish in the smoke and flames? now, police believe dorner took a fifth and final life, his own. police laid out the arsenal of weapons fugitive excop christopher dorner used to kill four people in a revenge campaign against the lapd. it now appears the last life dorner took was his own. as the cabin he barricaded himself inside of, began to go up in flames. >> the information that we have right now seems to indicate that the wounds that took christopher
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dorner's life was self-inflicted. during the autopsy yesterday, the doctor who conducted the process concluded that the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: police now confirm dorner was essentially hiding right under their noses for most of the manhunt. inside a condominium steps away from the command center near big bear lake. police also say they fired pyrotechnic tear gas inside the other cabin where dorner made his last stand. >> before we put in that pyrotechnic chemical agent, we made numerous p.a. announcement, identifying him by name. asking him to surrender. >> reporter: and now, the first words from the owners of the cabin that burned to the ground, grateful they're alive. >> this can be rebuilt. insurance is going to pay for this. it's not a life. it's not somebody who is lost forever. >> reporter: police stress they did not burn down that cabin intentionally. they also say after the flames started, a single gunshot was heard inside. and that sounded very different from all the other shots that
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were fired. they believe that was the bullet that dorner saved for himself. ron? >> okay. thank you, john. and the first of what is certain to be a wave of lawsuits has been filed against carnival cruise lines. less than 24 hours after "the triumph" docked in alabama. a 25-year-old passenger filed a suit in federal court, calling the cruise ship a floating hell. the suit says passengers were forced to endure horrendous odors and received rations of spoiled food. facebook says it was hacked. the social network was the victim of a sophisticated attack about one month ago. facebook says it quickly fixed the flaw and that no personal data was stolen. the same group of hackers believed to be responsible for attacks on twitter and other organizations. and a dolphin entangled in fishing line perhaps for weeks is free this morning. take a look at this video. lifeguards and marine animal specialists came to the aid of the dolphin off la jolla, california, friday. they used a pole to gather the line. and cut it around the dolphin's
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dorsal fin. and finally, you don't have to be a golf fan to appreciate this shot or shots. check this out. nine players, nine balls. one hole. and all of the balls go in. isn't that amazing? these are students at the pga golf management program at campbell university in north carolina. a monthly competition between classes. it usually takes me nine strokes to get the ball in the hole by myself. >> what they don't answer there is how many takes they had before they got that right. >> that's still incredible video to watch. >> you said it, dan. >> i'm sorry. >> thanks, ron. we're going to turn to what's being described as a failed disaster for walmart. stocks of the world's largest retailer plunged after a string of internal e-mails exposed near-panic among top executives. one corporate leader calling it the worst start to a month he's seen in seven years. what's going on? let's bring in michael santoli, senior columnist for yahoo!
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finance. great to see you. >> good morning. >> how alarming are these e-mails, given that walmart is the barometer for the u.s. consumer? >> a concern. this is not company-sanctioned communications. but shows they were panicking in early february about the pace of sales. it's a concern mostly because of what's going on generally in the economy and with households. a bit of a cash squeeze. the payroll tax came back the first of the year. and tax refunds have been slower this year than last. and walmart's core customer pretty much spends whatever cash comes in. and that seems like it might be squeezing things. gasoline prices on the rise again. a lot of this is coming together. and a concern for the walmart customers. >> is this a walmart problem? or retail in general? >> it's potentially a retail in general problem. but right now, it seems like walmart's on the front lines of this issue because of their customer base. it seems as if we have our alert pretty much very sensitive right now to any weakness in the consumer because of the bigger picture factors that are beyond walmart. >> and the sequestration coming
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up, as well. that could put a damper on the economy. walmart will be releasing their earnings next week for the last quarter. but what does this say about executives? still not learning their lesson about what you can and can't say in e-mails? >> i'm not sure we're ever going to get around that. basically, business right now is constructed for rapid response, sharing lots of information. it obviously has to happen by e-mail. this is a global economy. to me, it's really hard to understand how you might construct a company like this without saying how things are going in e-mails. what walmart is concerned with is how they got out. >> where do you draw the line? we'll see how they're doing next week. michael, thanks so much. great to see you. speaking of retail, a wild story. a big fight between tiffany's and costco. tiffany's wants the big-box store to knock off the knockoffs, accusing costco of selling fake versions of its iconic diamond jewelry, confusing customers who think they're getting the real thing. here's abc's tanya rivero. >> reporter: it's the little blue box, versus the big-box retailer.
7:15 am
on valentine's day, as lovers everywhere snuggled, tiffany and co. slapped costco with a lawsuit. these pictures allegedly show tiffany knockoffs inside a california costco. >> tiffany sent someone in, bought one of the rings. they were not made by tiffany. they are not tiffany rings. they have nothing to do with tiffany. >> reporter: being sold at a fraction of what real tiffany rings cost. >> everybody would love a deal on a tiffany ring. and unfortunately, it just doesn't happen. tiffany diamonds are never on sale. >> reporter: tiffany alleges costco had been selling the fakes for years. >> hundreds, maybe thousands, of engagement rings were sold using the tiffany trademark. >> reporter: a rep for costco told abc news, we will be making no comment on this story as it involves pending litigation. court papers say an unnamed consumer blew the whistle, contacting a tiffany store to complain. >> she was offended by the fact that tiffany would be selling engagement rings in costco. >> in this particular case, there's enormous room for confusion among consumers because costco does sell a lot
7:16 am
of big brands at deep discounts. >> reporter: shoppers outside tiffany's flagship store on fifth avenue weighed in. >> i think just think it puts a bitter taste in your mouth. you think you're buying into a brand. and you find out it's a rip-off. >> when you buy a tiffany diamond, you're buying into the romanticism and magic of the little blue box. >> reporter: no way around it, that little blue box will cost you. and there's only one place to get it. costco has removed all tiffany labels. but tiffany is suing for additional monetary damages. and whether customers who bought those brings will also sue remains to be seen. if you have any doubt about a tiffany's item you own, you can bring it into a tiffany's store. they'll tell you if it's the real thing. >> tory's rule of thumb, diamonds are never on sale. >> that's right. >> total coincidence that tanya and bianna wearing blue today.
7:17 am
>> not tiffany blue, though. time for a check of the weather. over to ginger. hey, ginger. >> good morning, guys. it's been snowing in other parts of the nation, too. kansas city yesterday, just about two inches. just under officially. up to three inches in some places. of course, enough to muck up the roads a little bit here and there. and cold behind it. it's 4 this morning in minneapolis. 19 in k.c. 24 below international falls. all that cold air really settling in. and freeze warnings in northern florida this morning. not so cold out on the west coast. look at 80, los angeles today. it will be windy. 80 for palm springs. 76, san diego. enjoy it while it lasts. it is not sticking around. midweek gets a lot colder.
7:18 am
>> sunsets from east coast to west coast in the twitter photos this morning. send me great shots like this one. thank you so much for getting that. looks almost like a volcano at the end of the dock there. and then, from california, looking at things in the sky all weekend. a beautiful one. send them to me. i'm on facebook, too. where are the pictures, dan? really. you haven't been taking them. >> i'm intimidated now after seeing these pictures. >> ginger zee. got you. i'll page you. >> every time i send a picture, she rejects it anyway. let's move on now. we're thrilled to say we're just days away from the return of our friend, robin roberts, to the "gma" anchor desk. >> we're so thrilled about that. but last night, abc's john
7:19 am
schriffen subbed for her in a different form entirely, the annual nba all-star celebrity game. >> making the move from breaking news to breaking ankles, abc news correspondent, number 21, john schriffen. >> reporter: wearing robin roberts' college number 21, i suited up for the west team, playing with celebrities, like kevin hart, common and secretary of education, arne duncan. >> kevin hart with the drive. the finger roll. >> reporter: when i got my first action, i faced off against the world's fastest man, usain bolt, streaking down the court. >> oh. usain bolt. >> reporter: looking to make robin proud, i hoisted up a shot the first chance i got. >> schriffen with a long jump shot. dedicating this game to robin roberts. >> reporter: a little later, next time, i would make it count. >> going inside. schriffen with the bucket. >> reporter: i got the bucket. did i make her proud at there? >> yes, you did.
7:20 am
could you have done better? yes. >> reporter: of course. >> but at the end of the day, it's not about that. it's about the attempting. i applaud the you for attempting to do this. >> reporter: with a goal complete and an assist to clyde drexler as icing on the cake, we cruised to the 58-38 win. the other team, in shock. >> i came out here, it was -- wow. this is serious. >> reporter: but when it comes to team robin, the celebrities, from music, to tv, to movies, all step up to support our star. >> we love you, robin. and i know you love sports, too. so, we're there. >> i'm fighting a similar fight to what robin's fighting. we've been fighting that together for years. when i heard she was coming back, i never had a doubt she would. but yeah, beat this. kick this. fight. >> there's no woman stronger. there's no woman more encouraging and loving than she is. robin, i'm happy you're back. love you. >> reporter: and funny man,
7:21 am
kevin hart, voted game mvp by the fans. >> you're mvp, with five points, three rebounds and only one more assist than i had. >> reporter: will make sure not to miss robin's return on wednesday. will you be watching "college gameday" on wednesday morning? >> now that you're telling me she's coming back, i have to. dvr'd now. >> reporter: team robin with kevin hart. >> i love you, baby. mvp. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, houston. >> leave it kevin hart to tell it like it is. >> schriffen did well. congratulations to him. coming up here on "gma," caught on camera. dramatic video from inside a plane crash. how did an entire family, including a 7-month-old baby, get out alive? also ahead, bionic eye. we'll show you the latest medical technology for restoring sight to the blind. >> an extraordinary story. and in "pop news," tom cruise suing a publisher over tabloid stories. now, the publisher fighting back. and it may expose some sensitive, personal details about the star. will he cave on this?
7:22 am
that's the question. coming up. this day calls you.
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there's tom cruise with daughter, suri. the hollywood star is locked in an ugly lawsuit with a tabloid publisher who claims he abandoned suri after divorcing katie holmes. we'll bring you the stunning demands both sides are making as this public batting gets under way. some very private knowledge could become public knowledge. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm dan harris. good morning, everybody. it's saturday, february 16th. also coming up this morning, a
7:29 am
new medical miracle. the bionic eye helping people see again. the future is now. this is already improving lives. we're going to show you how, coming up. >> incredible. "star wars" fans, get ready to geek out. ron, i'm talking to you. with a new movie in the works, there's talk harrison ford may return to play one of his most famous roles. >> i would love that. i have to be honest with you. i'm going to geek out a little bit. also, it's the most unusual joyride you will ever see. what happens when you put a sloth on a ski boat? this is a sequel to that great movie "snakes on a plane," sloth on a ski boat. this is a viral video. we'll show you more of this coming up later. >> you call that bizarre? >> yes. >> that's not bizarre to you, ron? >> it qualifies. >> can't keep my eyes off this thing. we're going to start with a dramatic crash landing and a birthday present one woman in utah will never forget. her husband took her along for her first flight, ever. with their baby along for the side. suddenly, the fun stopped. and the terrifying moments were caught on camera.
7:30 am
and abc's clayton sandell is on the story. >> reporter: kara fielding was flying high. >> we're over top of the overpass. >> reporter: taking a ride in a small plane above utah for her birthday. in back, husband, jonathan, with a camera. her mom, katherine, and 7-month-old son, jacob. suddenly, the engine begins freezing up, losing power. >> i know we're going to be just fine. but this is kind of scary. >> reporter: they search landing sites. >> we're looking for a straightaway. >> reporter: but traffic and power lines make the roads below too dangerous. >> are we really going to land out here? >> yeah. >> that's when it sunk in to me that this wasn't a joke. and we were in trouble. >> reporter: jonathan keeps rolling, knowing these could be his final words. >> i love my family. >> reporter: running out of time, pilot lynn goodsell runs for an open field. >> we're going to land in the field right here. >> is everybody okay?
7:31 am
>> reporter: in deep snow, the plane flips upside down. >> where is my baby? >> i have him. this little guy was sitting in my lap, like this. i held him in tight. he didn't go anywhere. >> reporter: jonathan and kara have nothing but praise for goodsell, calling him a hero. >> we want to make sure that he gets credit for that amazing landing. >> reporter: moments after the crash -- >> okay. we have just survived a crash landing. >> reporter: jonathan asks his wife the $64,000 question. are you ever going to fly again? >> yeah. >> reporter: a rough birthday. but one that everyone walked away from. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> i don't know if that's the answer i would have given. unbelievable. >> if she flew to new york to do that interview, that's pretty brave. >> amazing.
7:32 am
>> yeah. >> justifiably. speaking of news, let's get back to ron claiborne for the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, former olympic hero oscar pistorius is reportedly on suicide watch this morning, after being charged with killing his model girlfriend. published reports say he was found performing cpr on reeva steenkamp. pistorius is due back in court on tuesday. and former congressman jesse jackson jr. was charged on friday for misusing $750,000 in campaign funds. he allegedly spent the money on a gold rolex watch, fur capes and michael jackson memorabilia, among other things. his wife, sandy, was charged separately with filing false tax returns. and the construction of the boardwalk in seaside heights, new jersey. the boardwalk was the most famous of the several boardwalks destroyed by superstorm sandy. it's scheduled to open in time for summer. and finally, college baseball season got under way on friday. and at least one umpire, he's a little rusty.
7:33 am
the home plate ump in a game in florida takes a tumble. believe me, it happened. when trying to avoid a hit to a batsman as he heads to the base. now, it's time for the weather. and we have ginger zee on camera for this. ginger? >> you want me to do a tumble? i can do that. let's go to boston. maybe you remember last weekend, i was knee-deep or waist-deep in snow there. now, new flakes starting to fly. and by tomorrow, this is tonight into tomorrow, when the heaviest snow. it will be one to three inches. not a huge snowstorm. but something that's moving off the coast. and earlier today, going to hit in parts of north carolina, south carolina and naturally, virginia. some light snow there. light snow from boston up through maine. heavier in northern maine. still, just another hit, one weekend later. pretty neat. freezing weather in florida and georgia. look at vald
7:34 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by nutella. bianna and dan? >> ginger, thank you. well, the high-stakes legal showdown between tom cruise and the publisher of "life and style" magazine is getting nasty. cruise is suing the publisher for $50 million, over a story claiming he abandoned daughter, suri, after divorcing her mother, katie holmes. but the publisher is fighting back, demanding information that threatens to expose cruise's personal life. abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: keeping the tabloids away from tom cruise's personal life is a mission impossible. >> your mission, should you choose to accept it -- >> reporter: now, a major battle
7:35 am
is brewing between the hollywood heavyweight and one of the world's largest publishers, with cruise's daughter, suri, caught in the middle. during cruise's contentious divorce from katie holmes last summer, "in touch" published this cover, with the headline, "abandoned by daddy." cruise fired back, filing a $50 million defamation lawsuit, against publisher, bauer media group. but in court papers filed valentine's day, bauer is now fighting back. by attempting to force him to give up personal information, including his social schedule, terms of the divorce agreement, the role the church of scientology played in his decisions, and suri cruise's mental and emotional state, following her parents' separation and divorce. >> if he hasn't spent much time with suri, if people feel the relationship with scientology is something that makes them feel uncomfortable. it's a lot of land mines. and he's got to be very smart to step around them. >> reporter: in his lawsuit, cruise is demanding to know the identity of bauer's sources. >> tom cruise is a public figure.
7:36 am
he's got a higher burden. he doesn't just have to show that the facts were false. he has to show that the publication knew or should have known that they were false. >> reporter: now, with the legal battle that could last a year or longer, he has to decide whether this mission -- >> this message will self-destruct in five seconds. >> reporter: -- is impossible. cruise's attorneys could not be reached for comment. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> he thought this chapter was over. not so fast. coming up on "good morning america," a medical miracle. a look at the first-ever bionic eye. we'll show you how it works and how it's already improving lives. and beyonce, unmasked. the superstar as you've never seen her before. talking about her most personal and difficult times in her life. that's why i like nutella. mom, what's the capital of west virginia? charleston. nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread my whole family loves. mom, have you seen my -- backpack?
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7:40 am
and now, to the medical miracle. allowing some people who have lost their vision to see. it's the first bionic eye. >> may look and sound like something out of a science fiction movie. but it's very real and already improving lives. abc's gio benitez is here with this story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. good morning, bianna.
7:41 am
the bionic eye is so groundbreaking, some believe it could lead to cures for blindness. this morning, you get a first look. and it's the kind of thing hollywood has been thinking of for decades. once just science fiction -- >> gentlemen, we can rebuild him. we have the technology. >> reporter: is now reality. dr. mark humayun spent 25 years working on a medical marvel you have to see to believe. >> i committed myself to developing a new way, a new approach. so those who are blind can have a foreseeable solution. >> reporter: it's the first fda-approved eye implant. the argus ii is a video camera, attached to eyeglasses, wirelessly transmitting images to the brain. it won't fully restore vision. but the fda says, it may allow people to detect light and dark in the environment. essentially, the blind can see something again. >> one of the things i can do now is laundry.
7:42 am
my husband had to put the colored clothes all together in a pile. with the glasses, i'm able to do that myself. >> reporter: kathy blake is 61 and has been blind for 23 years. but after a two-hour surgery, kathy has a new perspective. >> the glasses really help me be more outdoors, with mobility, walking. >> reporter: right now, the device is only approved for retinitis pigmentosa. complete vision loss. only about 100,000 people in the u.s. suffer from it. the device could be used to treat millions who can't see. >> i think that the future for this is going to be big. >> reporter: let's hope. and if you're wondering what sparked the doctor's interest in blindness? it turns out, his grandmother went blind. so, he devoted his entire career to finding a cure for this. >> how rewarding for him. 25 years later now. >> it's amazing. >> thanks, gio. appreciate it. coming up on the broadcast, not only will we show you the
7:43 am
sloth on the speedboat. the big question for "star wars" geeks. is harrison ford going to go solo one more time? keep it here. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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time for "pop news." and ron claiborne is going to deliver "pop news." i'm kidding. >> hi, rachel. >> rachel smith is in l.a. this morning with all of the "pop news." hey, rachel. >> sorry, ron. you have to hold off on that. >> all right. >> let's get right to it. beyonce has spent her entire adult life in the public eye, while somehow managing to remain very private. but that will all change tonight. beyonce's documentary premieres on hbo. but before that, she sits down
7:48 am
with oprah winfrey on a special episode of "oprah's next chapter," where she opens up about her marriage to jay-z. here's a glimpse. >> i would not be the woman i am if i did not go home to that man. we were friends first, for a year and a half, before we went on any dates. on the phone for a year and a half. and that foundation is so important in a relationship. and just to have someone that you just like. >> i must admit, my dvr is set. and oprah's interview airs tonight on own. usually on "gma," we help people plan or sometimes even throw their weddings. but the tables have turned, as one of our own is going on tv to get some help. abc's linsey davis will be featured on the season premiere of "say yes to the dress: atlanta." linsey and her entourage try to pick out the perfect gown. but as always, there is some drama. so, does she find the perfect dress? you have to tune in to find out.
7:49 am
the new season begins march 8th. and harrison ford appears to be ready to return to the role that made him a global superstar. love that music. the 70-year-old actor will be back as han solo in the next "star wars." ford first played the part half a lifetime ago. and once said in an interview that he thought solo should have died in "return of the jedi." "star wars: episode 7" is due in theaters in 2015. and finally, i leave you with this, the sloth. it may not be known for its speed. but that may change after this viral video. check it out. a sloth taking a joyride on a speedboat. after raising itself, the cloth throws its hands up, leans its head back and enjoys the ride. check this out. youtube user patrick said the sloth fell from a tree in the amazon and landed on the boat. i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be there taking the video if that
7:50 am
sloth made it on my boat. just saying. but there's nothing like the wind blowing through your hair if you're a sloth or whatever you may be, right? >> that sloth's mind is blown. blown. rachel, thank you very much. we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. ♪ fish, fish mcbites, mcbites ♪ fish, fish mcbites, mcbites ♪ fish-ay! fish-ay! ♪ fish mcbites are succulent and breaded to perfection ♪ ♪ so take a trip to mickey d's ♪ and get ya, get, get, get ya some ♪ [ male announcer ] the delicious alaskan pollack fish you love, only smaller. new fish mcbites. only at mcdonald's. unlike us, they're not gonna hang around for long. [ male announcer ] more fish fun to love. ♪ ba da ba ba ba [ male announcer ] more fish fun to love. whatever it takes, get to sears presidents day sale mattress close out. get 24 month special financing. and save up to 60%, plus get an extra 10% off. and free delivery. this is eye opening. this is sears.
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that's it for us. we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! watch "world news" with david muir this evening. and that's the sloth. not david muir.
7:55 am
redwood city residents are bracing for the third rate hike in past two years. "mercury news" reports that garbage bills could go up by 3% if the city council approves the proposal later this month. under the new rate proposal the typical monthly bill would go up 79 cents to $27.30.
7:56 am
the city raised rates by 17% and 18% the year before. time for a check of the forecast. >> good morning. you can see the high clouds and bay bridge, temperatures are mild in downtown. in the 50s. half moon bay, 55 and upper 30s in santa rosa. you are noticing the high clouds at 15-30,000 feet with numbers in the upper 40s. they are coming up from the southwest but still high pressure is in control. another mild to warm day today. high is going to shift to the east and we will be looking at changes in fact bay area wide cooling. today 67 in san mateo. 70 in san jose. >> katie: next on abc news at 8:00. we continue to follow breaking news on treasure island where a child has died in an apartment fire. and star truck struck in the bay area. what was the that bright light that lit up t
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> katie: good morning, it's 8:00 a.m. i'm katie marzullo. let's start off with a look at the weather. here is lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning. a little hazy and vollmer peak and higher clouds moving up that is allowing for the cloudiness in the sky. but we are mild in most areas
7:59 am
around the bay with 40s and 50s. upper 30s around the delta himself around gilroy, but by this afternoon the last and mild days of low 60s to 70s. it will be a little cooler today with onshore winds returning at our beaches tonight. we'll see a few more clouds. low clouds and then onshore winds really cooling us off for sunday. extra day for the weekend. holiday weekend presidents' day featuring the coolest day. we have rain in the forecast. >> katie: we are following breaking news this morning on treasure island where a child has died in a fire. neighbors are on out on the street and reeling from the tragedy. >> reporter: they are. we are a few blocks away and neighbors are reeling with the light of day comes the realization they lost a ten-year-old girl,


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